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Wrought iron railings

Iron enclosures for balconies and stairways

Railingsare suitable for delimiting stairways, terraces and balconies.

They enrich, enhance and frame the space that they define.

The craftsmen of Ferro Battuto Di Prinzio design and construct superb interior balustrades, commonly called railings for stairways, worked in forged wrought iron.

Wrought iron railings (and the enclosures) are designed to match the style and furnishings of your home; the result is a work of art that makes it special and unique.


More than just railings!

Wrought iron railings are useful furnishings that enrich interior stairways, terraces and balconies.

Fratelli Di Prinzio's wrought-iron craftsmen create many types of wrought ironwork to match the style of your home.

On your request, we will hand-craft:

All true works of art that enhance homes and increase their value.

Wrought iron railings