Di Prinzio Services

Wrought iron

Hand-crafted wrought iron following the old family tradition. The working of wrought iron has been handed down from generation to generation in the Di Prinzio since 1856.

The soft flowing shapes of wrought iron gates, railings, fencing, furnishings and all other wrought iron products are obtained by forging.

Thanks to this ancient practice, iron is crushed between anvil and hammer; then, the strength and skill of these craftsmen transform the iron from a raw material to a unique and exclusive piece.

Italian design
for original
and personalized products

Ferro Battuto Di Prinzio is a company that works only on order. The design and forging are produced specifically for the customer, who decorates and embellishes his home with unique works in wrought iron.

The design is Italian and certified through the mark of belonging to the traditions of artistic craftsmanship granted by the Councillorship for Crafts of the Province of Chieti.

The wrought iron gates, railings, balustrades, fencing and all the other wrought iron products made in the workshops of Ferro Battuto Di Prinzio Srl are distinguished for their design and the typical peculiarities of Abruzzo and Italian hand-craftsmanship.

Integrated assistance -
From custom design
to assembly

Ferro Battuto Di Prinzio Srl offers its customers the maximum professionalism.

Our integrated assistance combines the typical advantages of small craft workshops - creativity and attention to detail in crafting wrought iron pieces - with those of larger companies - willingness to travel during the various phases of production - that reassure customers and lead them to establishing long-term relationships of trust with the company.

Contact us and we will bring to your home unique objects totally made of wrought iron according to the Abruzzo and Italian craft tradition.

Craftsmen in your home, wherever you are

Today, many works produced by the Di Prinzio brothers can be found not only in various European countries, but also in the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Ferro Battuto Di Prinzio Srl is able to reach its customers wherever they are. Our professionals are able to meet any need and provide our customers 360° support wherever they are.

Treatments and warranties of wrought iron pieces

All works produced in the workshops of Ferro Battuto Di Prinzio and, especially, products for exterior use, undergo treatments that ensure their beauty and long-life over time.

The beauty of wrought iron pieces is ensured by several necessary processes.

First of all, sanding - a treatment that smoothes the surfaces of the wrought iron piece with a high-pressure jet of sand and water, which eliminates dirt and imperfections from spots that are difficult to reach.

Hot galvanizing protects wrought iron products from the weather. Thanks to this process, wrought iron works do not rust and maintain their beauty over the years.

Thermosetting powder paint increases the performance and weather resistance of wrought iron gates, railings, fencing and wrought iron lampposts for gardens.

The wrought iron works are then cleaned and treated with special fixatives.

The products made in the workshops of Ferro Battuto Di Prinzio Srl are creations hand-crafted with attention to the smallest detail and all with a two-year warranty.