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Di Prinzio brothers wrought ironwork
Di Prinzio Wrought Iron

The first wrought iron workshop with the Di Prinzio name was opened in Guardiagrele - Chieti - in 1856. Since that day, generations of blacksmiths and farriers have followed one another, handing down the love, and the secrets, of this art.

Raffaele, Luciano and Bruno are three brothers who grew up in the family workshop, testing their skills through small artistic works until they decided to make working wrought iron their main activity. So, in 1972, they founded Raffaele Di Prinzio & F.lli Snc, an undisputed and established Abruzzo craft business.

From the very beginning, the Di Prinzio brothers wrought ironwork attracted attention throughout Abruzzo and beyond. Important commissions came from the Vatican City; Our Lady of Miracles with Child and the Old Man Pollutri Praying are two works in wrought iron made ordered by Pope Albino Luciani (John Paul I). In 1978, they made a Pastoral Cross for Pope John XXIII. In 2000, Pope Karol Wojtyla was honoured with a symbol of the Jubilee, hand-forged and made entirely in wrought iron.

Many works are scattered throughout Italy and the world. The first great and important work in wrought iron was "Basta la Guerra" (No More War) depicting an eagle grabbing a machine gun, today located on the hill of the ancient city of Juvanum in Montenerodomo (Chieti) in memory of those who died for their country.
In 1989, the Vatican City commissioned a 15-metre wrought iron cross to celebrate its twinning with the City of Perth, Australia.

In Prato, Count Franco Santellocco Gargano commissioned the Di Prinzio master craftsmen to produce the wrought iron fencing of the famous historic residence known as the Castello della Rocca di Vernio. In addition to the fencing, the Abruzzo company was appointed to restore and install all the interior and exterior works in wrought iron -  fencing, beds, coats of arms, chandeliers and floral dividers - dating from previous historical periods.

Over the years, the Di Prinzio brothers have not only proven themselves in the creation of great works, but also of real sculptures forged in wrought iron, such as "The Eagle and the Lion Fish", now kept in Palazzo Venezia in Rome, or friezes created for the Italian Armed Forces.

In recent years, the deaths of first Luciano and then Bruno forced the only remaining brother, Raphael, to reorganize the company so that their children and grandchildren could continue to dedicate themselves to wrought iron. For this reason, he incorporated Ferro Battuto Di Prinzio Srl, which operates in the Fara Filiorum Petri plant, within easy reach of Chieti and Pescara.

Awards and Distinctions

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The dedication and creativity of the Di Prinzio master craftsmen has received many recognitions and awards.

The award received in Avignon, France in 1990 is among the most important. The masters of wrought iron received the Bollino Blu award for their excellent skill in forging halberds.

In 1999, the President of the Republic Francesco Cossiga gave Raffaele Di Prinzio the silver medal in as a worthy representative of Abruzzo and Italian artistic craftsmanship.

On 2nd June 2004 Maestro Raffaele Di Prinzio was awarded the title of Knight of the Italian Republic by the Prefect of Chieti Aldo Vaccaro.

Not to mention the many local and national awards for his on-going commitment to the promotion and dissemination of the art of wrought iron, his presence at many industry trade fairs and many publications in newspapers and magazines.