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Wrought Iron Work

Ironwork and forging work

Fratelli Di Prinzio specializes in various type of ironwork, such as forging. The art of working iron is a precious family treasure that has been handed down from father to son in detail with all the secrets of an ancient profession: that of wrought iron.
Wrought iron gates are works of art hand-crafted in every detail, the work is done on commission and has the unique and unrepeatable character of ironwork.

Ironwork and working in iron

Whatever you call it, ironwork (or working in iron) is not improvised.
This is an art that requires passion time, love and hard work. Below we offer a selection of extraordinary ironwork made to order.

Hand-crafted ironwork

If you need ironwork, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Iron lamps and lampposts

    Wrought iron lamp
    Ironwork example: exterior lamp in iron.
  • Iron doors

    Entrance door in iron
    Ironwork example: iron entrance door.
  • Balustrades in iron

    Balustrade in iron
    Ironwork example : balustrade in iron.
  • Natural gas boxes in wrought iron

    Natural gas boxes in wrought iron
    Ironwork example: natural gas boxes in wrought iron.
  • Wrought iron decorations

    Truss for well in wrought iron
    Wrought ironwork example: truss for well in wrought iron.
  • Decorated truss in wrought iron

    Decorated truss in wrought iron
    Wrought ironwork example: decorated truss in wrought iron.

Wrought iron gate: how to estimate cost

wrought iron gates models
wrought iron gates models

Do you own a wonderful house, but the outside looks unfinished? Do you want your villa looks beatiful? Do you feel unsafe and want to guard your house?

Buying a wrouhgt iron gate is the perfect solution for both pratical and aesthetic point of view.

A lot of professional companies create and produce wrought iron gates and the customer can benefit from these skilled artisans in many ways, like:

  • the ability to ask for a unique and custom design
  • the ability to mix different material to get match the look of your house
  • the ability to have a personal and detailed quote for your iron gate

Why the wrought iron is a good choice for your gate

Iron is one of the most popular material in the costruction and furniture fields, above all for outdoor furniture.The reason is simple: iron is weather resistant, if it has been coated with the right paint; it is strong and non-deformable, unlike other materials.

All these features make a wrought iron gate capable to last for many years, with minimal maintenance.

Different types of wrought iron gates

Our company can produce a great variety and shapes of gates, according to customer requests. The most common models are:

  • one door gate: this is a small gate used to split a passage meant only for people
  • two doors gate: this is the most common shape, it can open in both ways, and is usaually used for splitting large openings
  • sliding gates: this is a less common model, but is very pratical for narrow entrances

Aesthetic value of a wrought iron item

A wrought iron gate has both usefulness and pleasantness and master craftsman can realize the style that best matches your own and make your gate a unique artistic beauty.

The most used decorations are inspired to nature: leaves, curls, small flowers; some unusual works requires other materials like copper.

How much does a wrought iron gate cost?

Since the gate is handmade "ad hoc" it's difficult to estimate the cost ,so it's always better asking for a custom quote.

Anyway, some elements can help you to get an idea of the cost:

  • gate's square meters have a great impact on the final price;
  • the model of the gate can vary the price;
  • treatments done to wrought iron pieces lower future maintenance costs;
  • every item made by Di Prinzio has a 2 years warranty.