The art of wrought iron

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Wrought Iron Work

Ironwork and forging work

Fratelli Di Prinzio specializes in various type of ironwork, such as forging. The art of working iron is a precious family treasure that has been handed down from father to son in detail with all the secrets of an ancient profession: that of wrought iron.
Wrought iron gates are works of art hand-crafted in every detail, the work is done on commission and has the unique and unrepeatable character of ironwork.

Ironwork and working in iron

Whatever you call it, ironwork (or working in iron) is not improvised.
This is an art that requires passion time, love and hard work. Below we offer a selection of extraordinary ironwork made to order.

Hand-crafted ironwork

If you need ironwork, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Iron lamps and lampposts

    Wrought iron lamp
    Ironwork example: exterior lamp in iron.
  • Iron doors

    Entrance door in iron
    Ironwork example: iron entrance door.
  • Balustrades in iron

    Balustrade in iron
    Ironwork example : balustrade in iron.
  • Natural gas boxes in wrought iron

    Natural gas boxes in wrought iron
    Ironwork example: natural gas boxes in wrought iron.
  • Wrought iron decorations

    Truss for well in wrought iron
    Wrought ironwork example: truss for well in wrought iron.
  • Decorated truss in wrought iron

    Decorated truss in wrought iron
    Wrought ironwork example: decorated truss in wrought iron.

The art of wrought iron

Wrought iron gate - Sketch
Wrought iron gate - Sketch

The ironwork and forging work are an art, in fact they are recognized within “minor arts”.

From Middle Ages to Baroque wrought iron has had a great development, but then it has suffered a slow and gradual decline until the twentieth century.

Fortunately, today, the value of this ancient art is rediscovered. Currently, the main demands concern the production of artifacts which combines functionality and aesthetic value like gates, doors, railings.

Nowadays, this art is reaffirming in a niche market thanks to the skilled master craftsmen. They keep alive the ancient tradition, but in the same time they are able to work using modern techniques, collaborating with artists and architects.

Wrought iron designs

The master craftsman works the wrought iron objects in two different ways:

  • following the directions of artists or builders that suggest the technical structures;
  • according to his own inspiration, when the request by the custumers is indicative.

In each of these cases the craftsman moves from drawings; we distinguish two kinds of sketch:

  • preparatory drawings useful to the customers that have a list of possible solutions;
  • drawings that guide the craftsman to shape the desired figures in the process of forging.

Di Prinzio preparatory drawings Di Prinzio

Wrought iron door - Preparatory drawing

The drawing of that wrought iron door is very simple, is based mainly on the curlicue, a key element in the composition of wrought iron of all ages.

The design presents the two door leafs perfectly symmetrical, in which the curlicues end with natural elements like leaves.

Wrought iron railing - Preparatory drawing

This preparatory sketch shows the working methodology of our company. The sketch of this wrought iron railing was built directly on a photograph, so we can show our ideas to our customers in a simple and immediate way.

In this drawing the main element is represented by curlicues, the wrought-iron railing is characterized by a particularly clean style.

Wrought iron gate - Wrought Iron Design

Wrought iron gate is the most classic ironwork. This gate is a big realization, the preparatory drawing is characterized by an original decorative composition. The wrought iron curlicues at the top contrasts with the linearity and the functionality of the lower part, decorated and embellished with copper inserts.